WBGC Worcester Turkey Tournament 2019

WBGC Turkey Tournament 2019

Tournament Rules

The tournament will use UKBGF rules

  • Legal moves only
  • If an illegal move is noticed by either player before his opponent has made a valid roll or offered a valid double, it must be corrected. Only the players, the Tournament Director and any official match monitors are required to point out an illegal move unless the players have clearly stated an intention to the contrary to observers including any match annotator. An illegal move will stand once the opponent has made a valid roll or offered a valid double.

  • Clocks: clock preference
  • If either player wishes to use a clock, and one is available, the match is played on the clock. The Tournament Director reserves the right to impose a clock on any match which is threatening to delay the tournament, either from the outset or part-way through. Clock Settings: 2 min per point + 12 sec delay per move. e.g. in an 11-point match, 22 min + 12 sec delay per move. ​

  • Premature Dice Rolls
  • If a player rolls the dice before his opponent has finished his turn, the roll shall stand.

  • Any breach of the rules for starting times and breaks may result in penalty points
  • If a player is not present and has not started the match five minutes after the starting time or after the end of the permitted break, one penalty point may be awarded. A further penalty point may be awarded for each subsequent five-minute delay. When a player has been awarded penalty points totaling more than half of the length of the match, such player shall be deemed to have won the match.

  • Additional Rulings
  • If any additional rulings are required then these will be handled by the Tournament Director(s) and selected experienced players at the tournament​.